At Ålands Trädgårdshall, we focus on high-quality, new technology and continuous product development to meet the demands for good, healthy vegetables.

We combine modern technology with a long  tradition of agriculture and small-scale farming. We guarantee that when you buy our crops  you can be sure to get the absolute best.

Ålands Trädgårdshall is owned by 120 Åland farmers. We deliver high-quality fruits, vegetables and root vegetables to stores through the major centralized stores.

The co-operative company was established in 1975 and serves as a consultant as well as a storage, packaging and marketing company for the company's growers.

Our main crops


Every year we grow around 6,000 tons of onions - yellow, red and rosé onions, shallots, banana shallots and also organic red and yellow onions. Approximately 30 percent of all onions grown in Finland come from Åland. At Ålands Trädgårdshall, we pack and store the onions to keep them available for retailers and consumers all year round.

Åland is Finland's apple garden where over 70 percent of the country's apples are grown, more specifically 3,500 tons each year. Ålands Trädgårdshall delivers apples from around 40 growers in the Åland archipelago. Thanks to new, smart storage methods, our apples are in store from the earliest harvest in August until March.

Åland is actually too far north to grow pears, but thanks to our archipelago climate, we do it anyway. About 120 tons a year of juicy, sweet pears thrive in our cool spring, generous hours of summer sunshine and mild autumn. Our farmers do their utmost to achieve high-quality pears and extend the range of new varieties for the Finnish market.

Add more cabbage to your diet and you are guaranteed to feel better! In Finnish nutrition recommendations, an exclamation mark is actually used to emphasize the importance of eating more green vegetables - at least 500 grams a day. Åland'sTrädgårdshall offers Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, kale and fennel.

At Ålands Trädgårdshall, we receive and distribute 200 tons of root vegetables each year. They are an amazing staple food - cheap, useful and can withstand long periods of storage, which makes them available all year long. Root vegetables are usually grown in fields and therefore have less impact on the environment than greenhouse crops.

The mild and crispy iceberg lettuce is our most widely cultivated product with 200 tons per year. However, our farmers also grow delicious romaine lettuce and garden lettuce.

Our growers also produce nearly 350 tons of specialty crops annually. These include fava beans, kohlrabi, artichokes, pumpkin and other exciting new entrants on the Finnish market. Åland also accounts for most of the asparagus grown in Finland - a delicious seasonal harvest that can only be enjoyed from late May until Midsummer.

Our salespeople

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The Åland Islands A rich farming landscape Among the 28,000 inhabitants on Åland, about 600 are farmers. The Åland food industry produce potato products, high quality cheese, fish products, sausages and much more. The Åland Islands A rich farming landscape Åland is an archipelago between Finland and Sweden, enclosed by the Åland Sea, which makes springtime cool and the autumns long and warm. We have the highest sunshine duration in the Nordic region and therefore ideal conditions for growing fruit and vegetables. The Åland Islands by numbers - 28 900 inhabitants
- 16 municipalities
- 6 500 islands
- 13 800 hectares of farmland